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About the Award

The Award for The Best Swine Producer is a project developed by Agriness especially for pig farmers with the aim of offering a transparent and reliable benchmark on pig farming production rates. Ideated in 2006, its first edition was held in July 2007 and had the participation of 119 farms. In 2023, the largest pig farming benchmarking project had 2,493 farms and 2,206,191 sows from Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The names of the participating farms and producers are not disclosed, which preserves the identity and ensures that Award for The Best Swine Producer promotes healthy competition among producers in the countries and encourages the development of farm management processes focusing on improving the productivity of each and every one.

A committee is formed to analyze the data and audit all the information. This technical committee is composed of experts in the field and professionals from supporting institutions, ensuring the credibility of the information generated. Based on this information, the best performing farms in the year are awarded.

You can also participate in this project! Compare yourself with other producers and help build an increasingly productive and best performing pig farming.

1st edition – 2008

119 farms

61.825 sows

16th edition - 2023

2.493 farms

2.206.191 sows



How does the prize work?​

Award for The Best Swine Producer is held in the form of an annual championship running from January to December every year. Farms are classified based on the Pigs Weaned/Sow/Year (PSY) accumulated during the championship period.

At the end of each edition, Agriness promotes a closing ceremony presenting the overall results of the championship and awarding the farms that achieved the best positions.


See what they talk about o Best​

Knowing the technical and economic indicators of pig farming is crucial, so that each pork producer positions himself in the market to have a better standpoint to make correct management decisions.

The competition created by Agriness brings to the pig farming industry a reference of transparency and reliability in the domestic production indicators.

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