How does it work?

The Best Swine Producer Agriness championship only covers Agriness S2 management software users, located in Brazil, who own a P.P.U. (Piglet Production Unit) or a Farrow-to-Finish farm (FF). During one year (from January to December) participants send their data monthly via Internet to update their information in the championship and have access to a tool that allows them to see their general classification, as well as the comparison of their farm with those of other pork producers in the country.

At the end of the championship, after one year of evaluations and comparisons, a final audit is carried out on the farms' data and the list of the 10 best in Brazil is disclosed, together with consolidated information on the country's productivity rates.

To classify the farms the technical indicators evaluated in order of importance are: weaned/female/year, non-productive days, parity/sow/year, average weaned, and average born alive.

Who participates?

Currently over 1500 farms participate in the The Best Swine Producer Agriness championship totaling more than 1 million sows, all managed through Agriness S2 or Agriness S2 Multiplier technologies. These farms have different sizes and production systems and they spread throughout Brazil and Argentina.


The Best Swine Producer Agriness is held as an annual championship, which runs from January to December. At the end of each edition Agriness promotes a closing ceremony presenting the general results of the championship and rewarding the farms that achieve the top scores.

The farms are classified based on the weaning rates/female/year accumulated during the period of the championship.







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