Frequently asked questions about the Best championship

Can I participate in the Best?

You can participate in the Agriness championship “The Best in the Pig Industry” if:

- you are Agriness customer and use the S2 Commercial, S2 Multiplier or S4 Farm;

- or you have a farrow-to-finish farm (FF), segregated weaning (SW) or piglet production unit (PPU) and have recorded weaning during all the championship; with a minimum breeding herd of 50 active sows, keeping an average stock of at least 50 sows during the championship.

How do I sign up for the Best edition?

For Agriness customers the registration in the Best is automatic, as long as the farm has valid weaning records since the first month of the championship (January).

What is the latest registration period?

Registration for each championship edition takes place automatically as of January 1st. If for any reason your farm was not registered automatically, you can request registration until September 30.

How does the championship work?

Each month the championship generates the classification of the farms based on the Weaned/Female/Year index. The first place goes for the farm with the highest accumulated value in this index.

What's in it for me?

At the end of each edition the farm can win the first place of the championship if it has the highest accumulated score in the WFY (Weaned/Female/Year) index. The farms that get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of each category, besides the 1st place as Evolution Producer, receive a trophy and a certificate. The active farms throughout the championship compete for a prize at each edition. Sending its productivity data until the 10th of each month, the farm receives a virtual coupon for each month updated during the 12 months of the edition. The more coupons the more chances of being raffled. The raffle happens after the release of the edition results.

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