Comparison Tool

The Comparison Tool is full of new features, in addition to the web version you already accessed the tool is now also available in a mobile application. All with new features and multiple comparison possibilities to help you be better every day.

Available in Portuguese and Spanish, for smartphones and tablets, for you to access from wherever you are.

Available versions


New version for smart phones and tablets, so that you can access from wherever you are. Download now.


Version to access from your personal computer or from the farm. Access now.

Discover the features

  • Your farms in one place

    Quickly check the position and update status of all your farms in the championship.

  • Compare yourself to other farms

    Compare your productivity rates directly to one or more farms.

  • Multiple filter options

    Combine different filters and create custom queries to compare yourself as you wish.

  • Farm evolution in editions

    Access the summary of the main productivity rates of your farm in the edition and follow their evolution in the championship month by month.

  • Evolution in previous editions

    See the evolution of your farm monthly in previous editions.

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Who is already using it

My first impression of the Best in the Pig Industry app was amazing, I confess it surprised me. It is practical, easy and access is right at the tip of your fingers. Agriness's approach to pig farming consists of: access management for everyone. I thank the whole team that always surprises me positively and is very attentive and helpful.

Danuza Borges Granja Camari

The Best always had a different meaning for me, since my first days at Agriness. Among all the projects of the company was the one that aroused my interest the most. Besides the healthy competition among pork producers, the Best stimulates the growth and the exchange of information between them. In the end everyone wins, and this is incredible. In my working environment exchanging knowledge is crucial for growth, and seeing that we are stimulating this in other environments such as pig farming is fantastic. As a developer I always look for projects where I can make a difference and positively impact people's lives. And in the design of the new The Best comparison tool this purpose has been clear from the beginning.

Charles Sartori Desenvolvedor Mobile

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